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Hello ! I'm Alessandro Scanziani

I was born in Milan on 25 August 1981 in a family of artists. 

From when I was a teenager I started my first steps in the world of art and I've chose the European Design Istitute in my born city to learn the must innovative techniques in the painting arts world.

After my studies I immediately began my career as a freelance artist with my first projects for the stationary industry and book illustrations. 

I've dedicated so much time and passion in refining my techniques until my designs become so realistic that they gave the feeling of being in the drawing itself. 

In the last decade I discover the new innovative proposals of the wallpaper inustry and then I took my experience and applied it to large formats designs.

My dedication to the world of design leads me to create new unique designs after continuous updating on trends, colors and naturalistic inspirations from my travels and life experiences. These is also why my style is so unique but so varied and I may switch from a colorful landscape to a Zen and inspirational atmosphere.

I worked with various companies from Coordonnè Spain, Wallpepper, Photowall to Artè International, Giardini Wall and Texan Home giving always incredibly unique designs standing out for its variety of styles that always manage to satisfy every taste.

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